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Best user-friendly software that makes it easy to create, schedule and publish content across all your screens and displays.

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Implement strategic campaigns, promotions, and exclusive offers across all digital signage displays to captivate your audience with enticing deals and promotions.

Navigate Customers

Enhance visitor engagement and guide potential customers to your physical store or desired destination by showcasing interactive navigation directions, complete with a location map, on your digital display screen.

Reduce Print Cost

Utilizing digital signage solutions enables the seamless display of dynamic content and advertising, effectively reducing expenses associated with print media, including printing costs, design time, and the delay in making content live. Furthermore, this approach not only reduces waste but also enhances content reusability, making it an eco-friendly and cost-effective choice.

Increase Customer Engagement

Connect with your customer base through digital channels by seamlessly integrating captivating elements such as QR codes for exclusive offers. Additionally, enrich your customers’ experience by providing informative and contextually relevant content about your products and services.

Attract Audience

Captivating your audience and customers is more achievable through the use of videos and dynamic content as opposed to static media advertising. Digital signage, with its ability to showcase dynamic content and engaging videos, has a greater appeal to the target audience, resulting in a larger and more receptive viewership.

In-store Experience

Elevate the shopping experience for your customers through the implementation of interactive digital signage displays, adding an element of fun to their shopping journey. Enrich their time with engaging educational content, effectively reducing boredom during waiting periods and ensuring a more enjoyable shopping experience.

Internal Communication

Elevate your corporate environment by effortlessly disseminating content across key areas such as your office lobby, cafeteria, meeting rooms, conference room, reception, and hallways through the all-inclusive NexoSign Digital Signage solution. Seamlessly manage, design, analyze, and publish dynamic content, staying current with the latest technology trends, news updates, weather forecasts, sports highlights, and live channels.

Motivational Content

Boost employee morale by showcasing motivational videos, birthday wishes, recognition for contributions and achievements, announcements of partnerships, and inspirational quotes on your digital signage displays. These thoughtful gestures not only inspire and motivate your employees but also foster a strong emotional connection and loyalty to the organization.


Elevate your corporate environment with the corporate digital signage solution, which allows you to immerse in festive celebrations through captivating and engaging content. Whether it’s welcoming new team members or bidding farewell to outgoing colleagues, mark any occasion with visually stunning and appealing content, creating memorable and festive experiences using the digital signage solution.


Elevate your brand’s visibility and inspire employees to connect with your products and services. Highlight your company’s accomplishments and initiatives that reinforce its core values, ethics, and morale-boosting activities, fostering a stronger sense of alignment and commitment among your workforce.

Announcements and Promotions

Harness the power of digital signage as the optimal method for announcements and event promotions. Keep your employees well-informed about ongoing promotions, workshops, training sessions, partnerships, trade events, deals, seminars, and other corporate activities through the use of NexoSign, our cutting-edge digital signage solution for businesses. Providing comprehensive business updates to your employees fosters a sense of loyalty and commitment towards the company.

Emergency Alerts

In times of unforeseen crises or emergencies, corporate digital signage proves invaluable by swiftly notifying employees and staff of the critical situation. It serves as a reliable tool for guiding employees to safety, providing information about the emergency’s nature, displaying essential precautionary measures, and outlining dos and don’ts. For added convenience, a rapid-response emergency button is readily accessible, requiring just two clicks to activate

Digital Information Boards

By strategically placing digital signage screens throughout the facility, including areas like receptions, cafeterias, pharmacies, waiting rooms, washrooms, and leisure centers, hospitals can efficiently disseminate crucial information and keep their medical staff and doctors informed. These screens can display appointment schedules, convey management directives, provide updates on room and bed availability, offer medical emergency alerts, and serve as a versatile platform for a wide range of informative content.

Patient Queue Management

NexoSign Digital Signage seamlessly integrates with queue management and visitor management systems, offering hospital management a streamlined approach to appointment control. These strategically placed digital signage displays on the premises provide real-time updates on queue status, visitor counts, estimated wait times, detailed doctor information, and a host of other essential information, enhancing the overall visitor experience.

Interactive Feedback System

With the assistance of the Nexoter feedback solution, gathering feedback from both visitors and staff becomes a seamless process. You can opt for user-friendly methods such as displaying a QR code on digital screens or TVs linked to the system, scanning the code to provide feedback. Alternatively, conveniently placed touch devices within the premises can integrate with Nexoter’s feedback solution, facilitating feedback collection.

Moreover, traditional static and printed directional signage often deteriorates over time, becoming challenging to decipher. Healthcare digital signage, on the other hand, offers a clear and dynamic solution by presenting directions and facility maps, ensuring easy navigation without any confusion.

Digital Menu Boards

Cafeterias, food clubs, and fast-food establishments can harness the power of digital signage to showcase their real-time menu items in an engaging and visually appealing format. Wilyer’s digital signage solution enables the dynamic alteration of content, allowing for the seamless display of available food items. This ensures effortless management of listings and the creation of an informative menu board that enhances the overall customer experience.

Token Management

Displaying the Token no. and queue status on the digital screens increases efficiency and reduces the waiting time amongst the customers. Giving real-time status helps the customers to relax without bothering about the order status.